Many paperless initiatives have given way to the adoption of e-signatures in government organizations, which has resulted in increasing efficiency levels and savings. The government is continuously trying to transform service delivery to citizens, external partners, other agencies and all levels of personnel. The civil servants, soldiers, and citizens want to use mobile devices for government related work. In the midst of all this comes the important point of Cyber Security. With such a lot of digital data being created and exchanged, safeguarding the government’s critical information assets is utmost important. eSignly helps government organizations to offer better services at a lower cost while utilizing few resources. It helps to keep check on security, efficiency, responsiveness, and transparency across all levels of the government sector.

Save Time and Money on Governmental Processes

eSignly signatures have helped government organizations to lower their overhead costs, associated with paper-based signature processes, to a great extent. eSignly eliminates the need of tedious tasks like printing, faxing and scanning.

Improve Responsiveness and Efficiency

Paper is always time-intensive and lengthens the work cycles. Using e-signatures you can improve your responsiveness more quickly. Paperless workflows improve the internal functioning of the organization by giving constituents and employees the opportunity to review and sign the documents electronically as per their convenience and using the device of their choice.


  • Human Resource Management
  • Agreements among Various Government Agencies
  • Managing Health Programs
  • Managing Housing Programs
  • Finance Processes
  • Procurement Processes
  • Forms for managing Facilities
  • Approving Engineering Documents
  • Government Permits

Superior Security and Authentication Capability

eSignly offers optimum security and authentication services. Additionally, it can also be integrated with multiple authentication services and protocols as needed.

Flexible and Effective Deployment

We offer the flexibility to deploy on a private cloud. No matter the size of the project, eSignly can be added to any of your business requirements.

Complete Transparency and Auditability for Government Contracts

eSignly helps government agencies to streamline the control over the approval processes for vendor contracts and maintain proper transparency and auditability.